“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”

A friend just suggested that I do a blog about a daily prompt. I have enjoyed reading hers immensely, but my immediate response was “I don’t know what to say!”…Fast forward three minutes, and suddenly, I do have something to say.

We have all heard the expression “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” at some point during our lifetime. Never was it more true than today during an interaction with my third child, my mini-me, my Claire.  This is how it played out:

Me: “Claire, your room is a mess! Absolutely filthy.  You really need to get in here and clean it today. Umm, why is there a dirty sock under your tv stand? And a belt? And a candy wrapper?…Yuck!  Sweetheart, you really need to spend some time cleaning up this disaster area”

Claire: “It’s my room, why do I have to clean it?  Why is nothing I do ever good enough for you?  Why do you hate me?  Why…why…why?” (getting the general gist yet?)

Me: “I don’t hate you and you have to clean the room because it isn’t healthy.”  This goes on for an eterni…well at least 5 minutes.

Exit, stage right.  Next thing I see is Claire coming out with handfuls of papers, heading for the trash.  Then she grabs a garbage bag.  Hmmm…Something is afoot…Yes, she has packed up all of her toys into the bag, brought it to me and requested that I take them to storage and keep them there “Until I am 10, because I am obviously not mature enough to have these toys” (??)

She comes back out of her room a little later and asks me if I would like to see what she had been working on.  She then shows me a card she was drawing for her favorite Build a Bear, Princess.  “I was going to give this to Princess.”  “Well, why can’t you? (knowing the answer)”.  “I packed her in the trash bag”, she whispers.  “Well, go get her out.  Why would you put your favorite bear in a garbage bag?  Mommy never said to pack all your toys away. Just clean up the floor so people can walk in your room.”  Princess is rescued from the bag, and Claire decides that maybe all she needed was to pick all of the toys and stuffies up and put them in a toy box (or bag).  All is now well.

Sigh…this is the apple part.  I have to admit that I would have probably done the same thing…Complete with dramatic sighs and forlorn looks from under lowered lids to see if the pathos was getting through.   I am the original drama queen, and my mini-me is following solidly in my footprints.  What to do?  I did what I thought best…I pulled her close, hugged her tight, kissed the top of her head, and told her “you are just like me.  I love you”  I love my mini-me.  Drama and all.

apple on a tree


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